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Top 5 Things Real Estate Investors Should Look Out For

top five things real estate investors should look out for

Location is one of the most important things to look out for in real estate investing, however, there are numerous other key factors to consider. To determine whether or not an investment is right for you, look at some of these things before you sign for any property. 1. Location of Property is the Most […]

Is There a Real Estate Market Crash on the Horizon

Is there going to be a market crash

Spring is a common time for people to begin looking for a new home. This spring there is a lot of speculation on whether the real estate market is going to crash, or will it gently ease back into a modest correction? Common sense tells us it cannot continue the way it is presently and […]

Fix and Flips 101: Your Personal Guide

Fix and Flip 101 Realty Capital Finance

If you have found a distressed, ugly house and want to turn it into a marketable showcase, you may want some flipping tips to make this venture a success. Flippers typically find these types of houses at deep discounts and then perform the work it requires to fix them and then sell them for a […]

How Rising Interest Rates and Inflation Impact Real Estate Investments

Rising Interest Rates and Inflation

Fluctuations in the Economy Economic instability affects our lives on so many levels, real estate investments among them. Since the advent of the pandemic, our economy has seen fluctuations that are more diverse and dramatic than usual. While the economy practically came to a grinding halt in early 2020 and well into the months that […]